10 reason why I love LEE SEUNG GI


10 reasons why I  love Lee Seung Gi

1, I love Lee Seung Gi because he is always smiling. No matter if he wins the game or not, no matter how sad he can be, Seung Gi still smiles. I love my Smile Boy. I love that smile, I always smile because of him. Thanks to Seung Gi, I will smile. Just look at his smile, I feel happy.

2, I love Lee Seung Gi because he is perfectly changing from singer to actor, CF model and entertainer. There has probably been no other person like him in all of my life. People might think that I’m wasting my time for collecting everything about him, however, I actually learn a lot from him. His goal was to become a singer and he made it happen. He always has his desire and hope. About his actor side, he knows just the way to improve himself, improve his acting skills. I love Hwan and Dae Woong, love their smiles, their evil sides, their tears, love the way they showed their feelings.

3, I love Lee Seung Gi because he is a sensitive person. He knows when it is necessary to tell the truth and when it is better to tell a white lie. He knows when to use his intelligence and when to step back and let others answer. He knows when it is OK to laugh or tease, and when it is better to be sympathetic or just quiet.

4, I love Lee Seung Gi because of his characteristics. He is honesty, intelligence and a sense of humor. His tears can fall right after he hears a ghost story. He loves children and always does things to make them happy. He is obedience, loyalty and respect. That’s the reason why most mothers in Korea want him to be their son. Furthermore, he is always showing his real characteristics in reality shows; even he can be called heodang.

5, I love Lee Seung Gi because he has been doing a lot of charity works to make sure other people can have a better life. One more time, he affects Airens for caring about unfortunate people. He makes his fans feel the meaning and happiness of sharing, makes them realize that there are still many people who need help around them.

6, I love Lee Seung Gi because he is the one who will sing to all fan-girls “Will you marry me?” with many roses. I love his voice, his melody and his cute-action. I and my friend have done a list called “Uri Happiness”. One of the most important things is to hear his warm voice everyday ^^ Ballad Prince’s voice will make my day.

7, I love Lee Seung Gi because his appearance, can’t deny this, of course. He didn’t attract me at the first time, but when I started to know about him, I fall in love with him. I love his bulging cheeks, his dimpled cheeks, his 6 chocolate-abs, his bright eyes, his hair styles…He is just like a flower, a beautiful flower but not easy to find out.

8, I love Lee Seung Gi because he makes me losing my mind. I have never loved a person so much that I just want to pick him from my dream and hug him for real. Just a simple thing about him can bring perfect satisfied for the day. Because of Seung Gi, I find out what is love between idol and fan, what is called fan-girl. I can spend so much time for finding stocks for my Seung Gi’s calendar; spend money on buying giant chicken drumstick in drama MGIG, albums, bookmarks, stickers, posters and other stuffs.

9, I love Lee Seung Gi because of him I can be an Airen, can meet so many wonderful people that love him too. Airens always beside Seung Gi, always care about everything that happen to him, always support him no matter what. The pearl mint balloons will always fly up high in the sky….We love you! We do! No one can break our love; no one can deny how we love you. Seung Gi ah~ your smile will make our day!

10, I love Lee Seung Gi because of he is Lee Seung Gi. ^^ He is the person living in my heart



13.1.1987 – 13.1.2012



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