Moving-out day

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A week from now, I will no longer be a freshman. Even though I’m so excited to come home for the summer, to see my family and friends again, I still want to write something for this special year that has changed me so much and for everyone that I have the chance to be friend with.


I still remember the first day I got to the States with three big suitcases, knowing nothing about the place I would stay and nothing about the people I would meet. I feel like it was just yesterday that I first entered Towers, first started to hang all the pictures of everyone from home on the wall and just slept in my tiny twin-bed for the first time. But in fact, I’m only a few days away from moving out of this room forever, saying goodbye (not forever, obviously) to my roommate and going back to my actual home. I never call Towers “home” because I know it is not, however, I enjoy having my little space here in Towers, with Paige on the other side of the room. Together, we eat our life away this freshman year.

I have to admit that my freshman year went by so fast that when I look back, I’m amazed by how far I have come and how little time that I have left. I have been dreaming about America my whole life, and all of a sudden, I made it, I made it to the States, to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and so many more. I get to know people from different countries and how their cultures shape their identities and their views on the world around them. I get to understand how differences make us all human and make us the way we are today. My life was changed in such a way that I would never think of if I didn’t take the risk and go all across the world to this melting pot.

Despite how much I miss my family, my friends and my Vietnamese food, I’m glad that I decided to go on this incredible journey. Back then, I was always everyone’s little girl. Now, I cannot say I’m super independent or anything like that, but, I can wake myself up in the morning at anytime I want, do my own laundry, use money wisely, schedule myself well between studying and hanging out, and most importantly, understand how difficult it was for my mom and my dad to take care of me. I have the hardest time trying to take care of myself; I don’t know how my parents can do it so well. So mommy and daddy, thank you so much for giving me this life-time opportunity to become a better version of me. I will make you guys proud, I promise.

This year was not an easy year since there were rumors going around me being something that I’m not. I don’t blame them for not understanding, I only think of it as a lesson for me in life, that I shouldn’t care and trust those who would never be on my side. I never explain anything, because I know they only believe in the thing they want to hear. But I’m disappointed for the most part, I guess because I treated them so well, just to realized that they wouldn’t ask me for an actual answer. This is the first and the last time I mention this in any public post, and if any of you sees this, then, please take my words for it and grow up, look at things from different angles and don’t take anyone for granted. This is not high school anymore. However, that’s when I know who can always tell the difference between the person they hear from the story and the person they actually know and I appreciate that so much more. So thank you all so much for being such wonderful human beings!


And as I’m packing my way out of this room, I want to let you all know that the memories that I have made between moving-in day and the upcoming moving-out day will forever be in my heart. I have learnt so much from you all and have grown up into such a stronger person and I’m happy to say that my freshman year was worth it, worth all the good and bad days. So, til next time, my people.


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